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Meet: Emily Sweeney from Hanover, MA

Of The Prevalence Cardiovascular Environment Worldwide Disease Some people are just born to express themselves. They immediately connect with their own creativity and instinctively know how to beautifully relay their message with genuineness. That is a rarity. That is Emily Sweeney. She has the ability to write lyrics she not only connects with, but appears to believe in, and and then soulfully and skillfully deliver her art. She carries herself with confidence beyond her mere 20 years on earth. Growing up Sweeney was exposed to all kinds of music in her home, from Barry Manilow to Sara Evans. But is was Evans' "Born To Fly" album that really resonated, and instilled in her a love of country music. She was just 10 years old when she wrote her first song and it was to the tune of "Born To Fly." According to  Emily, writing was "how I coped with the death of my Uncle. It was therapeutic for me. Ever since then it was my routine for when anything happens in my life, there is always a song to sing about it!" The first time she sang in front of an audience was in the third grade talent show and after that, she knew exactly what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. Now she is pursuing her dream in Nashville. Emily currently attends Belmont University.

The Of Prevalence Cardiovascular Worldwide Environment Disease Sweeney Sings In Studio

She plugged in and shared her soul... Emily recently visited our Country 102-5 studio to share 2 original song

Her current single, "Fake I.D." is the real deal

Here's Emily's "Home"


Now take a listen to the studio mastered production of "Fake I.D." (Tell me you don't hear traces of Carrie Underwood)

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Fake ID Mastered 2

Emily, Etc

  • Plays: guitar and piano. But, I like to mess around on the ukulele and banjo
  • Describe your sound: Very country-singer/songwriter. My latest release, "Fake I.D." has this cool country blues vibe with some rock roots!
  • Biggest influences: Sheryl Crow, Miranda Lambert, Sara Evans, Kacey Musgraves, Maren Morris, Taylor Swift and Fleetwood Mac. My end goal as an artist is to have a Fleetwood Mac sound and modernize it.
  • All-time favorite country song: "If It Makes You Happy" by Sheryl Crow! I love her and that is a song I can sing at anytime of the day at the top of my lungs
  • Favorite country concert: Chris Stapleton at Xfinity Center this summer is my favorite for sure! Chris is an amazing musician and songwriter. Seeing him live left me feeling extremely inspired! The concert had the best atmosphere and felt so intimate even though there were thousands of fans in attendance.
  • First country concert: Jason Aldean at Fenway Park with Thomas Rhett and Miranda Lambert!
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  • Current Country 102.5 favorites: I'm obsessed with "Make Him Wait" by Abby Anderson! I heard it first at a writers round in Nashville and loved the message behind it, and how lyrically beautiful it is. I also love "Best Shot" by Jimmie Allen, it is such a feel good song to play with your windows down in the summer.
  • If you weren't a musician, what would you be doing: I would be working at a horse race track! Growing up I always loved the Kentucky Derby, and I wanted to work in equine sports medicine
  • Environment Cardiovascular Of The Prevalence Disease Worldwide Most proud moment: Getting into music school, especially Belmont University in Nashville, where I go to school now! I have worked so hard in school and with my music, so seeing it pay off is so fulfilling. But even working hard sometimes isn't good enough. I initially was not accepted into Belmont right out of high school. I had to get my grades up and grow as a musician for another year before getting accepted the second time around! It was so worth it! I cried when I received my acceptance letter
  • Craziest thing that happened in your career: Seeing the different countries listening to my single, "Fake I.D." I had listeners from all over the United States, France, South Africa, Denmark, Brazil and more! That feeling is unlike any other
  • FUN FACTS: I love Dunkin Donuts! I have been getting the same coffee for 6 years (Medium blueberry iced coffee black with sugar). Red, white and blue are my power colors, so I am always wearing them. I love scaring people... pulling pranks. I am the queen of scare scams

Sweeney Shows

  • September 20: Douglas Corner Cafe- Nashville

Engage With Emily



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